How I Stopped WordPress from Asking for FTP Credentials when Installing New Plugins

Since my recent introduction to web hosting, I’ve relied on step-by-step directions as an essential tool for carrying out common tasks. However, my rapidly growing facility in website administration sometimes yields an illusory confidence in my ability to work exclusively from memory. In fact, I was reminded of this tendency just this week, when I was confronted with the following prompt upon attempting to install a new plugin.

‘What the heck is this?’

Despite my initial bewilderment, a quick web search revealed this was a frequently encountered issue caused by incorrect permissions and ownership in the WordPress document root. I immediately recognized the intuition behind this explanation: The Apache user – www-data or apache on Red Hat-based and Debian-based distros, respectively –  is typically tasked with processing PHP and managing certain WordPress files by default. To maintain these responsibilities in a secure fashion, it is often recommended that WordPress sites running Apache adopt the following permissions and ownership scheme. Continue reading “How I Stopped WordPress from Asking for FTP Credentials when Installing New Plugins”

Bryan Lunduke Interviews Stewart Cheifet

As a newer admirer of the Computer Chronicles, a 30-minute weekly TV survey of computing and technology affairs that ran from 1983-2002, I was enthralled by Bryan Lunduke’s interview of the program’s host, Stewart Cheifet. In the video above, Lunduke and Cheifet have a detailed conversation explaining how the Computer Chronicles evolved over the years, including the contribution of the show’s original co-host and CP/M creator, Gary Kildall, who passed away in 1994. Lunduke also gives Cheifet ample time to discuss more recent projects and offer brief commentary on the latest tech trends.

As Cheifet mentions in the video, you can download all 500+ episodes of the Computer Chronicles for free at the Internet Archive.

I also encourage you visit Bryan Lunduke’s YouTube channel, where you can find this video among an array of informative and engaging content related to Linux and other IT topics.